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Even though 1/3 of all marriages performed in America today create a stepfamily, we are sorely lacking in effective ministry, education, counseling and preparation for those entering these relationships and those living the stepfamily life. Everyone knows stepfamilies are vastly different from traditional families. So, why aren’t churches and marriage ministries more deliberate about meeting the particular needs of stepfamilies? While communication, spiritual and physical intimacy, and finances are great general subjects to focus on, stepcouples need conversations to help us unpack and understand the dynamics inherent to stepfamily living: i.e. ghosts of marriages past, step-sibling relationships, child-support and estate issues, sub-family circles and more.

When Cheryl and her husband were getting married, it was understood they could not approach remarriage the same way they approached their first marriages. They searched far and wide for stepfamily resources. Particularly, Christian resources. After coming across Ron Deal’s “Smart Stepfamilies“, they used that as their primary “go-to” during their premarital counseling sessions. They will both tell you, they gained a great deal of insight from that book, along with the subsequent “Smart Stepdad” and “Smart Stepmom” books. But, read this quote from Cheryl:

“In the years since we’ve been married, we have listened to many sermons on marriage and parenting. We have participated in marriage retreats, browsed bookstores, joined marriage ministries, and searched the web. while we have found a plethora of material and ministries for traditional marriage and family, there remains very little for stepfamilies”.  

Books like, “The Remarriage Checkup” by Ron Deal and Gary Olson, and “The Heart of Remarriage” by Gary Smalley, have helped bring awareness to the differing needs of remarried couples with children. Ron Deal and his team at SmartStepfamilies™ have partnered with Family Life to champion the cause for Stepfamily focused ministries and conferences, providing resources and training for leaders. However, there is still a huge gap between the need and available, accessible support for stepfamilies.

Stepmom Sanity is a faith-based learning community created to help fill that gap, specifically for stepmoms. Using experience, training, God-given wisdom, and a lot of prayer, Cheryl has a created a  platform to offer real hope and real solutions so you can thrive as a stepmom…without losing your mind in the process.

At Stepmom Sanity, you will have access to Christ-centered blogs, ebooks, seminars,  free downloadables and more, which will encourage, equip, and empower you to confidently fulfill your role as a woman with a very special heart, called by God, to “mother” children, not, biologically, your own.

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