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Help and Hope

86% of women entering into a marriage that includes children from previous relationships realize there will be stress associated with forming the new family…

Joan, a divorced mother of 2, meets Mark, a divorced father of 3. Two of Mark’s children are from his previous marriage. His oldest child is from a relationship he had in college. As is known to happen from time to time when girl meets boy, Joan and Mark fall in love and get married.

Joan’s family instantly went from a manageable 3 and the ex to something that defies easy descriptions. Joan has physical custody of her children. Mark has primary physical custody of his oldest child, and is the non-custodial parent of his other children.  Joan’s family now includes the following sub-clusters: Joan to Mark, Joan to bio-children, Joan to step-child who lives in the home, Joan to non-custodial step-children, (the dynamics tend to be different with children who live in your home vs. those who don’t) Joan to bio-children’s father, Joan to former in-laws, Joan to new in-laws, Joan to Mark’s oldest child’s mother, Joan to Mark’s ex-wife, children to siblings, children to step-siblings, Mark’s children to half-sibling(s), Joan to all of her step-children’s maternal families and more. Talk about misunderstandings in the making!

Wise women understand going in, step-mothering can be a thorny undertaking, to say the least. However, despite anticipating familial stress, wise women don’t always know what to do about it!

That’s where we come in! Besides our Stepmom Sanity community, we offer free downloads, Stepmom Sanity E-books, an annual 3-day conference in a beautiful location, an online course, relationship enrichment coaching, and our recommended and reviewed resources to help you:

  • Clarify and Achieve Your Goals as a Stepmom
  • Overcome Defeating Thoughts
  • Correct Destructive Behaviors
  • Create Opportunities for Healthy Family Interactions
  • Neutralize Tense Situations with Tested, Practical, Easily Implemented Tools and …

Become the catalyst through which your family can become blendedly blessed!